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Welcome to Clare English Language School (CELS)

Clare English Language School was established in 1997.  We are located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Our Summer Courses for Teenagers has had over 1,600 students participating. It is a Waldorf activity-based summer camp that has many students returning from one year to the next. Parents can be assured that they are sending their teenagers to a caring environment. We give students a memorable, amazing experience. All our courses combine:


  • Stimulating English lessons

  • Exciting Activities and Excursions

  • Creative, Artistic Workshops

  • Friendly, caring Host Families

Key Features

  • Students learn…

  • They are enriched…

  • They enjoy themselves…

  • An experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.

  • Look at what we offer…

  • Compare it to other courses…

  • You will find we give substantially more.

An Amazing Experience


3-Week English & Activity Course

July & August

  • Lessons – 52 hours
  • Workshops – 16 hours
  • Adventure activities – 32 hours
  • Excursions – 38 hours
  • Host family


1-Week Refresher Course


  • Lessons – 14 hours
  • Workshops – 4 hours
  • Excursions – 26 hours
  • Cultural Evenings – 4 hours
  • Host Family