Past Student Teenagers Speak


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My general impression of the course can be said with one word: AMAZING!
-Siri from Sweden

This course is just great. I wouldn’t have come a second time if it wasn’t.
-Francesco from Italy

I was worried that I would be bored here but I wasn’t at all. There was always something to do and the time just flew by. I feel that after 23 years of running this course, it is working very well and the experience can be felt. Well done CELS! Keep up the good work!  -Antonin from the Czech Republic (2019)

Roberto's video from 2014 Course

My English has definitely improved! It was very helpful to have so much opportunity to speak English and the lessons were excellent.
-Mie from Germany (2019)

This has been one of the best experiences of my life! The lessons were great and the teachers were nice. I loved the excursions. My Host Family was wonderful. I really enjoyed meeting so many different students. The course was very relaxed. I would absolutely recommend the course to others.
-Eyr from Norway (2018)

Eline from Norway and Lena from Germany
Nepomuk, Alessandro, Yannic and Marius with PJ the bus driver

Everything was great. This is the best summer school I have ever attended.
-Anna from Russia (2016)

I have been to several other English Language courses before this one but CELS was the best! -Pilar from Spain (2019)

Surfing was so, so, so, so good! All the people are so friendly. I hope I can come again to Ireland.
-Mirjam from Germany (2016)

I have only two words: JUST GREAT! 11 out of 10; It was the best holiday of my life.
-Mikle from Russia (2016)

I really like this course. This is the reason why I have come three times. The lessons are very helpful, all the excursions are great and each of my Host Families have made me feel comfortable.                  -Javier from Spain ( 2014, 2015 and 2017)

Last year I went with my school to another summer course and I think that this course is a hundred times better. This experience has been amazing!        -Luca from Italy (2018)

An Amazing Experience

I think it was the best three weeks of my life!
-Majse from Denmark (2016)

The course is full of activities which makes every day a discovery and most of the lessons are based on interactive activities which makes learning faster and easier. The excursions were all different and I had the chance to see beautiful places that I didn’t even know existed. In the Activity Centre I enjoyed adventure sports that I had never done before. The Host Family was simply amazing. I felt like a part of the family. -Giulia from Italy (2019)

My Host Family often talked to us and their children taught us how to play the Irish game of hurling. Their parents told us alot about Irish culture.
-Mirte from The Netherlands (2016)

I have found this experience to be an unforgettable one! I’ve learned a lot in the lessons and lost my shyness in speaking English. I think it is an experience that everyone should have.               –Irene from Spain (2018)

The course was really great. We’ve had a lot of activities in which I had a lot of fun. The Host Family was really nice and I’m grateful for everything they have done. Everything was very well organised.  –Prerna from Spain (2019)

Sara, Nina, Irene, Aurora, Samira and Elena Sophia