Workshops give students a creative and natural way to use their English.


Led by our drama expert Paul Brennan, this workshop allows students to express their theatrical side by rehearsing a short play over five or six sessions then and performing it at our Final Farewell Evening – all in English, of course!


With his 26 African drums to share, our rhythm and beat expert, Mike McGuire, leads this wonderful one-hour taster workshop!


Irish Set Dancing

With Irish Traditional music providing the backdrop, students learn to step and swing and twirl their partners through elaborate patterns of movement. Marie Bugler shows them how to do it! This is always the lively finale at our Final Farwell Evening.

Art and Nature

Spin It! Circus Skills


Caroline Kelly leads the students in a contemplative process of connecting with Nature in the beautiful Raheen Wood which surrounds CELS. Outcomes to this process are usually drawings or paintings.

This is a lively workshop led by Thomas Powell. Various skills are practiced but diablos being spun and thrown high into the air is normally the favourite activity!

A clay oven on the grounds of CELS is gradually heated with firewood over a period of several hours. Students, through the guidance of Peggy Boyle, make their own individual pizzas to eat and share with others. Making and eating pizzas are both very popular activities!

Visual Diary - Drawing & Painting

Through the course of the three weeks, students are seeing and experiencing the Irish landscape and culture. This workshop, through the use of drawing and painting materials, allows them to express these experiences in an artistic form.