Parents of Past Teenagers Speak

Parents of Past Students express their gratitude

Dear Alan,
From the first stories and pictures our daughter Mirte shared with us we learned that she was having an excellent time in Ireland. We would like to express our deepest gratitude for all the wonderful work you and your staff have done for this. We have also sent an email with our special thanks to the Host Family. Mirte enjoyed the stay in their family very much.
-Heike and Ton from The Netherlands, 2016

Dear Mr. Williamson,
I want to thank you for giving our Demetrio the possibility to attend your summer course in beautiful Ireland, Now my son has a more positive view of the English language and is very pleased to have met students from other countries. He’d like to return again next year.
-Costantino from The Ukraine, 2016

Dear Alan,
We would like to thank you very much for the time Isabella had at the summer course. She liked every part of the course, including the lessons, drama, etc., was very lucky with the host family and to find new friends. She was so happy about the course that her brother would like to come next year.
As parents we very much appreciated the organisation including the pick-up at Dublin Airport, the information you gave beforehand and the e-mail exchange we had.
-Joachim from Germany, 2016

Dear Alan,
First of all, I’d like to thank you for your brilliant care for our children. They were so happy to be in Ireland. They liked all the activities which were waiting for them. They like sports activities so it was a good choice to go to your course. My children also told me, they love their Host Families, their hospitality, kindness, cooking. They were so satisfied that started make plans to come back next year.
Thank you so much.
Best wishes,
-Lenka from Slovakia, August 2015

Dear Alan,                                                              Antonia has returned home. She is tired but very happy about her experience in Ireland. She talks excitedly about the programme and all that she saw and did. Many, many thanks for your organization of the excursions and sports activities. We were very pleased with the smooth procedure at the airport. It gave us a solid feeling of safety. The Host Family is also to be praised. What you are doing for today’s youth is wonderful.                                                     -Christiane and Wolfgang from Switzerland, August 2017

I was completely happy with the course. It was well organised, the Host Family was nice and caring. My daughter appreciated the excursions. She liked the activities and learned a lot about Irish culture.           -Silvie from Norway, July 2018

I was completely happy with the course. I’m really pleased that Aiko came home excited by the experience. She liked the school, the activities and the excursions, meeting young people from different countries and being in touch with Irish culture.         -Jana from Italy, August 2018

Dearest Alan,
We met Giulia at the airport yesterday evening and we have found her grown-up, enriched and beautiful-looking.
She is missing Ireland … the English course  … the activities … the kind care … all the new friends … Bébhinn  … the loving-kindness … meals … water … air …
We are thankful to you, to the Host Family and to everybody on your team.
Best regards,
-Francesca and Corrado from Italy, August 2014

I was completely happy with experience that Tommy received as it was unique. Tommy was happy with the English lessons, with all the excurions: the Cliffs, the caves, the Burren… He also had the chance to try and enjoy new sports that he’s going to practice at home. The Host Family, that I had the chance to meet, was simply lovely. Before leaving the course Tommy asked us to sign him up again for next year’s course.                                                      -Marco from Italy, July 2017

I was completely happy because our daughter improved her English and all the activities were amazing. She came back so happy. Her housemates and classmates were wonderful and the family was lovely.   Ricardo from Spain, August 2018

My son was very happy with all the people he met and therefore had a wonderful time. He felt that it was a very well-balanced course at CELS between the lessons and leisure time.                                       Gerhard from Germany, August 2018


Dear Alan,
We would like to thank you for the three great weeks our boys had in Ireland. They both enjoyed it very much. For Pepijn it was, again, a great experience; he had even more fun than last year. Gijs had some worries before the course but in the last week he kept calling home and saying that he wanted to stay in Clare and not go home. They will always remember the time they spent in Ireland. The boys made a lot of friends and are continuing their contacts on Facebook. They miss Ireland very much.
-Wim & Ailien from The Netherlands, August 2011

Dear Alan,
We would like to thank you for the English course, for the beautiful family that hosted our daughter and for the good time that she has spent at CELS.  We are very pleased by what Margherita has told us about this experience including the activities such as surfing and caving.                                                   -Dori and Nicola from Italy, August 2017

I would like to thank you. My son came home with exciting stories of your well organised and excellent English course. We understand from a lot of photos that you personally put a lot of effort to entertain the young people.                               

Kerstin from Germany, August 2018

I was completely happy because during these three weeks, my daughter enjoyed getting to know new people from other countries and doing amazing trips. I think that her English has improved a lot.       Gurutze from Spain, July 2018

There are many, many more e-mails from parents but this at least gives you a flavour of their feelings.